Bottling (Stage 11)

08 May 2015

We look at the bottling process with Head Brewer Alex Arkell.


Cask Racking (Stage 10)

01 May 2015

The beer is transferred to casks here and left a few weeks to mature. Only then is it ready to satisfy the discerning Arkell's drinker.


Fermenter (Stage 9)

24 Apr 2015

This is where yeast is added and fermentation takes place.


Arkell's Yeast (Stage 8)

17 Apr 2015

The yeast, which helps to give Arkell's beers their distinctive flavour, is kept here.


Hopback & Paraflow (Stage 6 & 7)

10 Apr 2015

The spent hops are strained in the Hopback before being sent through the Paraflow or heat exchanger. Fermentation can then begin.


The Copper (Stage 5)

02 Apr 2015

Sugar, Malt and a water mixture, known as wort, collects in here. Hops are then added to the mixture.


Beer Bottle Ballet

30 Mar 2015

Watch how we bottle our beer in the Arkell's beer bottle Ballet...


Underback (Stage 4)

27 Mar 2015

(Sugar dissolving vessel). This is where sugar is added to the malt and water mixture.


The Mash Tun (Stage 3)

20 Mar 2015

The malt is mixed with water at this stage.


Grain Intake (Step 1)

06 Mar 2015

This is where we winch the barley up ready to add to the mill.


The Mill (Stage 2)

13 Mar 2014

The crushed malt collects here.