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Brewery Virtual Tour

Arkell's Brewery

Welcome to Our Brewery

Arkell's Brewery is one of the finest examples of a Victorian steam brewery anywhere in the world.

But if this magnificent site looks like a museum, the visitor has to remind himself that it is still a fully-functioning brewery. Driving power in the building is supplied through a system that was first used here in 1910, though the engine is now powered by electricity rather than steam.

Countless original features remain from the day that John Arkell first moved his brewing business here in 1861 and generations of brewers have discovered that there is little scope for improvement to a time-honoured process.

Arkell's Brewery

Brewing beer is relatively straightforward with few ingredients and has hardly changed in the 166 years that Arkell's have been trading. In fact, the small changes that have been made are largely as a result of modern regulations, but brewing beer still remains a real art.

The skill and experience of head brewer Don Bracher and his team is required every day to ensure the consistent quality of Arkell's beers because consistency of the product is the key to the success of all breweries.

Arkell's is a tower brewery (see the picture, right) which works on the principle that raw materials are fed into the top of the building and beer comes out in casks at the bottom. This 'virtual tour' will guide you through our historic brewery and explain the main elements of the process.

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