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The Fox and Hounds, Wroughton

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John & Susan Skittrall


Markham Road,


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Arkell's has two pubs in Wroughton and they stand at opposite ends of the village. The Fox and and Hounds is the one at the top of the hill running out of the High Street, where it nestles into the hillside and seems to crouch down below the level of its front garden. It was let to Arkell's in the early 1870s but the freehold wasn't acquired until 1879.

- En-suite accommodation
- Close to Wroughton Science Museum
- Lunchtime and evening menu
- Children's play area

Until it was refurbished and extended in 1984, The Fox and Hounds was described as a little pub in local beer guides, but today it is rather more comfortable, having been converted into a single-bar pub with the emphasis as much on catering for diners as for drinkers.

The site was originally two cottages which were converted to a beerhouse by 1866 and possibly much earlier. Beer was brewed on the premises, probably using water drawn from its own well. The beerhouse was known locally as The Drum and Monkey before it burnt down in the mid 1860s. It was re-built and re-named shortly afterwards.

The large car park was allotments right up until the 1960s, but The Fox and Hounds still somehow retains at least part of its atmosphere. It still has the air of a pub in a quiet backwater, seeming almost oblivious to the spread of Wroughton around it, and continues to attract a varied clientele over a wide age range.
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